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Ways to Support a Grieving Parent


Reflection: Take a moment to reflect on the situation and process any emotions that come up before you reach out.  

Sometimes as support people we can say things that come off wrong or because we haven't dealt with our emotions we end up being cared for instead of caring for them.  


Connect: Reach out to them with a message of love that does not require an immediate response. 

It can be hard navigating all of the  messages and well-wishes that come in while you are also trying to process your grief.


Gift Giving: If you would like to give a gift to grieving parents here are some ideas:

  • Items that will help them remember their baby (ie. jewelry, personalized products)

  • Food and Food delivery gift cards

  • Self care products and items that they can use now or later 

  • Items that can be used for coping (ie. journals, coloring books, meditation CDs)

Gifts do not have to be expensive just thoughtful and intentional.  What is your "why" for giving the gift?


Honor Their Memory:   Say the baby's name as often as you can, donate to charities in their name or find creative ways to help keep their memory alive.

As the days, weeks, months and years go by, parents will want to know that people still remember their baby.


Speak Their Language:  Everyone has a different language of love.  Some parents want lots of company, some want to vent and talk about their experience, some just want words of love and affirmation and some need physical help or support at appointments or events.  

Let them know what you are willing to do and be available when they are ready.


Prayer & Love: If you aren't sure what to do or are feeling uncomfortable reaching out, you can pray for the family and send positive vibes their way.

Sometimes we forget that we can love and support someone from a far until the time is right.


Show Grace: Loss is a journey with no clear path.  Parents can be happy one day and sad the next.  Some days they want to talk and others they want to be left alone.  It's important to show them grace, don't take offense if they don't react in a way that you would expect. 

Thank you for visiting this page. 

The fact that you are here looking for ways to be an effective support shows that you care.  Just making it known that you care is a big step and will be appreciated for years to come.  Try a few of these ideas and see how they work.  Reach out to us if you have questions about other ways you can support your loved one.

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