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Are you the parent of a baby angel now?
Do you know someone who is?

In the event that your sweet baby does not make it home, we challenge you to find ways to honor the memory of that baby who was once a big part of so many lives. 

Ways that you can honor a baby’s memory:

  1. A piece of jewelry like a charm bracelet, pendant for a necklace or a ring

  2. Lighting a candle every year on a special day

  3. Finding a symbol that you feel represents the baby so that when you see that symbol it will always make you think of them

  4. Adding an object like a teddy bear or flower into your family pictures to represent the baby

  5. Writing in a journal either to or about the baby

  6. Naming the baby and talking about the baby with family members and friends who show interest  

  7. Participating in fundraising walks and events in honor of the baby

  8. See a therapist so that you can express your feelings

After a loss you may be ready to talk about the baby and share your feelings with the people who love and care about you or you may not.  Remember to take your time and do it in the way that feels most comfortable for you.


Ways that you can talk to others about your baby:

  • Letting people know when you are ready to discuss

  • Writing a letter, email or text that explains your feelings and gives them next steps on how to help you (ie. you are welcome to attend our memorial service, Let’s have an ice cream date next week, I love hearing my baby’s name so don’t hesitate to say it or I still need more time to process but keep me in your prayers)

  • Allowing a coworker, supervisor or close friend or family member explain the situation to your colleagues before you get back to work

  • Asking your friends/family to write you letters/texts/emails about how they feel, questions they have or comments they want to tell you and responding to those letters with a letter of your own

For more information on ways to heal through Pregnancy and Infant Loss or other ways to advocate for the awareness of the subject contact us

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