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The Power of Your Words

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

I used to write constantly. I had journal after journal, I wrote poems, I wrote stories and blogs. As life started to weigh me down, I started to lose faith in the power of my own words. I even stopped writing things down to prepare for speeches I would make. One day as I struggled to write, God placed in my spirit these words: “the devil will steal your words because he knows they hold your power. Life and death is in the power of the tongue.” With the right words, you could be the most successful and stress free person in the world. All you have to do it speak it over your life and chose to believe it.

When I was having a hard time writing and speaking positivity, I had to be honest and admit that the devil had stolen my voice. Almost 8 years ago I started a non-profit to speak life into people who have been affected by trauma and need healing. Sometimes I teach workshops and have engagements where I need to be a voice of wisdom for youth in need of direction. My purpose is clear, yet I still get tongue tied and discouraged at times.

Life is crazy and unpredictable but you have to find a way of swimming through your sea of tears. You have to find the light in your darkness. If you don’t remind yourself of how capable you are, you will forget. You can transform your mind and speak positivity into your life. You don’t need to wait for anyone else to do it for you. Here are some ways that you can speak positivity over your life:

Say Your Affirmations: There have been times when I felt like nothing positive sounds right coming out of my mouth….that’s the devil. He doesn’t want you to be comfortable saying positive things about yourself because he’s afraid you will believe it. If this is a problem you have, you can pre-write a positive affirmation on a sticky note and say it whenever you are feeling down.

Remembering & Reminding: So often when tough times come we forget that time that someone told us how great we would be one day. We forget when that boss or coworker told us how awesome we were doing at work. We forget when God told us in prayer or a dream that we were going to get the degree we dreamed of. It’s time to start remembering those positive words that were spoken over your life and reminding yourself. It’s also a good time to remind others when they start to get under your skin.

Ignore the Haters: Speaking of people who get under your skin. IGNORE THEM! We tend to let other people speak negativity over our lives and then we believe it. 2019 is the year to cover your ears when people aren’t saying the right things. Let go of people who say hurtful things and speak to you any kind of way. Realize when people aren’t for you and escort them to the sidelines. You need team players and cheerleaders that are rooting for you.

It is important to be intentional about caring for yourself. Your goal on a bad day should be to do all you can to keep yourself from throwing a pity party! Speak to yourself, Tell your life how God said it will go. Remind yourself of what is really important.

You can say...

“Self, you will not cry all day. Get your last cry in, scream it out and move on. Yes, that person hurt you but they are hurting themselves. Pray for them and continue to be great”

Or ....

“Man your boss is a jerk but soon you will own your own company, this is the practice you need to learn how to deal with difficult people.”

Communication is key in every relationship, even the one with yourself.

How will you motivate yourself this year?

I'd love to hear feedback in the comments....

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