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Patience: You Are Enough

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

I'm currently sitting on a plane heading to Dallas. Before the plane even took off I was already asleep. And not like the I'm just going to rest my eyes sleep. I'm talking head tilted to the side, mouth slightly open, any second I might drool if I'm not careful sleep! Funny you may think, but this is the result of a woman who most times feels overworked, undervalued and constantly racing the clock to make sure everything gets done. A woman who then goes to bed often feeling like once again "today I didn't measure up...tomorrow's a new day." I guess you get the point now, that the clock and I don't really see eye to eye. It feels quite often like this clock doesn't want to see me win. I'm not just talking about the physical clock but that internal imaginary clock that rears its ugly head making you feel like you are not enough. That you are behind in life and not measuring up. We make up these imaginary clocks that speak to our fears and insecurities and spew lies. We're supposed to be further ahead. We should be doing more. We should be married by now with children. We're behind and we don't measure up to the world's or maybe even our own idea of what we should be doing by now. You still don't have the degree. The book you wanted to write isn't written. The business you wanted to launch is still just on paper. The places you wanted to go are still just places you want to go. You still have many things on your bucket list that aren't checked off. The list could go on and on. A Thought to consider maybe you are exactly where you are supposed to be and exactly who you are supposed to be for the season of life you are in right now. I'm not saying to settle, to not have goals and dreams. But what I am saying is to slow down a bit. Be kinder and gentler with yourself. Encourage and speak positivity to yourself. Seek God and trust the plans he has for your life. You're doing just fine. Jesus Walked everywhere, he was never in a rush and he still fulfilled his purpose here on earth. I'm here to encourage you to set the clock aside. Have Patience with yourself and know that you are enough. I didn't mention earlier what happened before I got on the plane. As usual I was rushing and racing against the clock. When I'm in this mode my kindness and patience is relatively non existent (Future blog alert). I made a conscious decision to not get worked up and move at the pace of grace. Almost immediately the blessings began to pour in. A lane opened up and I was the 1st person to go through so I no longer had to wait in the long line. When on the plane they kept announcing that they were booked to capacity. To the flight attendants surprise and mine there was one empty seat (for Jesus I'm sure lol) that just so happened to be next to me. The person in the row with me said this must mean it's going to be a great day. I would have to agree. This just serves as a reminder. It's ok if you haven't accomplished your giant to do list and life agenda in due time God will make room for you and open up spaces and opportunities that will push you from the back of the line to the front!! So today I'm going to display more Patience. Take a second to breathe. Walk at a pace that I don't miss the opportunity to be a blessing or to be blessed. I hope you do the same!! Patience:You are Enough With Gratitude, LaNette #SHELIVESONPURPOSE #PCCO #PROPACITYCOMMUNITYOUTREACH

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