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It Doesn't Cost A Thing

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

"We're all on this journey of life together but I've come to find that her story is my story. It's just written from different perspectives."-LaNette Peavy

When Propa City Community Outreach first started we focused on infant, still birth and pregnancy loss. As the years have gone by we've learned that loss is so much more. Loss has an effect on a host of people of different walks and races of life. We even have begun teaching our youth that loss can be of a job, relationship or even of one's own self. It does not necessarily have to be a person. Loss does not have to end in death but it is an end to something.

For about two years, I had this unspoken dislike for a women that I worked with. Now, we didn't work in the same department but I would have to see her in passing on my travels to wherever I was going within the building. I wouldn't talk to her. I wouldn't smile. I wouldn't even acknowledge her even when we were in the same hallway. And, it was obvious that she had that same unspoken dislike for me.

I couldn't even remember when this all started but it was prevalent that there was something real there. There was something that just bothered me in my soul or in my spirit every day when I saw her. I just was like you know what I don't like her. It was not like I had ever spoken to her or even had to fully interact with her. At the end of last year I finally got to talk to her and to learn a little bit about her story.

It's so true when they say be kind to everyone you meet because you never know what they are going through. In this case, I learned that she was going through an unimaginable loss. It was a loss of children but not in the same manner that I lost two of my children to miscarriage. Her loss was for her adult children who had taken a path, let's just say that no parent wants their children to ever take. A path that kept her up late at night wondering how her children were doing. In constant worry and fear of getting the dreaded phone call saying that one of them might be dead.

Needless to say it was an ah ha moment for me. The conviction hit me so deep in my core. In those moments all I could think was if only I would have stopped and smiled all those many days that I just walked by. If only I would've just said hello. I could possibly have a been a light on some of her darkest days. Because of my unspoken dislike for her I just walked by as if I didn't see her. I just walked by as if she did not matter. As if her life or her struggles were not as important. As I write this my heart aches for all those missed opportunities to show the simplest form of love because I was in my own feelings.

God I ask that you remove the blockage from our hearts and our thoughts. God help us to see people as you see them. Help us to extend grace and mercy and to shine light your light to the deepest places. God forgive us of our missed opportunities and help us moving forward to love our neighbors.

It doesn't cost a thing to show kindness! As you go through your days I hope you take the opportunities to shine your light and extend grace. Be the change it makes a difference!

With Gratitude,


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