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Dear Lady in the cube across from me....

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Dear lady in the cube across from me: Someone woke up today without their husband.

Dear lady in the cube across from me: Someone has been praying for a husband that would call them and show them some attention.

Dear lady in the cube across from me: Someone’s husband will never make it home again.

Dear lady in the cube across from me: Someone wishes their husband was still here to pick up his socks that were left near the hamper.

So as you complain about your husband calling to check on you, calling to hear your voice and to make sure you’re OK... I pray that you remember that there are some people in this world that will wake up today longing for just one more phone call from a loved one.

Dear lady in the cube across from me thank you for reminding me to count my blessings. Thank you for reminding to me to hug my kids a little tighter tonight when I see them. Thank you for reminding me to pick up the phone to check on friends and loved ones. Thank you for reminding me that life is a gift. Every breath, breathed; every smile, every hello, every hug, every kiss on the forehead, every held hand, every step walked. Every obstacle and opposition overcome. Every success and every failure. Every sunrise and every sunset.

I’ve been having a hard time meeting my writing deadline. I’ve been feeling uninspired and like I don’t have anything to say that matters. I’ve been feeling like who wants to hear from me and will what I write really have an impact on anyone. So today I willed myself to just get something down on paper. I searched my current life and things that I have been going through and finally I felt like I found something. So I begin to write. As I was writing I begin to search scripture and although things were coming together it didn’t seem to have that rhythmic flow. You know like that morning walk on the beach when all you hear are the waves crashing yet there’s a stillness in the air filled with an unexplainable peace. And suddenly in the most awe inspiring way here comes the, disrupt. God had other plans and I’m so thankful that he disrupted my plans in order for his plans to be manifested.

God so loving gives us a course correction and conviction wrapped up in a beautiful gift. I haven’t been obedient to the voice of the lord. I’ve been complaining that “no one wants to hear from me and that I have nothing to say” when all God has been wanting me to do is take the step. If we just take the step God will carry us the rest of the way. My heart is so full my sweet friends. We miss out on so much good over emphasizing what we think is so wrong. God can use anyone and anything to get a message to you. Even the “lady in the cube across from me.” God is so kind and loving and he’s just waiting on a people that would stop complaining and just do. I often get so caught up in self that I forget the real reason for this. It’s not that my words will make the impact but it’s the words that God speaks through me that makes the difference. So if only one person reads this and is touched by this God’s will has been done and for that I am thankful!

So as you read this I pray that any loneliness in your heart be filled with God’s love. I pray that you find reasons to give thanks for all that is in your life. I pray that you take the steps to find forgiveness in your heart. I pray that you become gentler with yourself and others. I pray that you find ways to complain less and find more of the good in this journey of life. And lastly I pray that you would not take a single moment for granted. Continue to live on purpose!

*Bonus: I had so many issues getting this posted which makes me believe even more that  someone needs to see this!! Declaring and decreeing that I will not be discouraged, silenced or defeated. GOD ALWAYS WINS!!!

With Gratitude,


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