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Crazy like Kanye

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

So I have been following all of the controversy with Kanye West and hearing and seeing all of the comments people are making. I would be lying if I said I did not make a few comments myself. Then I had this weird come to Jesus moment where I decided to try and put myself into his shoes.

I wondered how it must feel to be a celebrity. How does it feel to sometimes regret reaching for the stars and achieving your goal. How do you go from a young kid with hopes and dreams to someone that everyone relies on for "the answers". How does it feel to never be able to be a human and make mistakes because you are "the kids role model"? To never be able to enter into a healthy debate to test your opinions because your every word is constantly being recorded and shared with the world. How does it feel to maybe regret your talents? To regret falling in and out of love like everyone else because your criticized for your taste. I started to wonder how it felt.

Then I thought about the nature of human emotion and even got a little sad. How would I feel if I was put on the big screen every time I had one of my crazy emotional outbursts that only my close friends and family know how to handle? What if it happened at a moment that I was teaching, speaking in the community or in an important business meeting? How would I feel. I know my friends would love me just the same but what about all of the people that don't know me? Would they judge me and post about me every day? Probably not because who am I? But, poor Kanye.

"Kanye has lost his DAMN mind"..... well, yea maybe he has. Now what?

Then I did some research and noticed that two years ago in May he went a lil crazy on the Ellen Show. This gave me more empathy than before. Every year I have to wait and see when i'm going to be effected by the up coming holidays. May hasn't been a good month for me since I lost my son, the thought of Mother's Day makes my skin crawl. I wonder what May feels like for Kanye? He lost his mom and will never be able to celebrate Mother's Day the same ever again. What would May be like for you? What about life? I'm sure Kanye has lost his damn mind, I sure did.

Healing is not just for cuts and bruises. It's for everyone that has been effected by any type of loss in life. When we don't heal we suffer the consequences; and losing your mind, self and your positive view on the world are some of the biggest ones. The effects of not healing don't have a type, they can happen to anyone. Take a second a think about yourself and you may find some of these effects inside of you. Ephesians 4:29 says: "Watch the way you talk. Let nothing foul or dirty come out of your mouth. Say only what helps, each word a gift." This is a reminder to be kind and don't judge anyone just pray for them because one day, you too could be crazy like Kanye.

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