October is Pregnancy Loss Awareness Month

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Propa City Community Outreach (PCCO) was founded in 2011 initially to help mothers who had been effected by pregnancy loss move on to the next steps in life.  It was founded by Stephanie Crawford after her son Simeon Jelani was Stillborn on February 7th, 2011.  After attending support groups and meeting different people with different experiences she decided the group needed to be expanded to families effected by pregnancy and infant loss.  She also decided to include the friends of these families as well, understanding that these people may need help understanding what to say and do to help their loved ones get through.  She chose to name the program Team Simeon.  Our goal is to keep adding positivity into the members of our community until they are able to add it themselves.  We are sharing our journeys as an example of this! Everyone has been thorough something and we believe that your story is not only about you, its about who your effect on the way.

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Team Simeon is our support group that provides workshops and activities for those affected by pregnancy & infant loss

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Propa Talk is our mobile teen program.  We travel to teens to discuss real life issues and help support them with mentoring, internships and other opportunities

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PCCO has made it a personal goal to address the issue of Stillbirth and other pregnancy & infant loss

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