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    About Propa City Community Outreach

    Propa City Community Outreach (PCCO)  was founded in 2011 initially to help mothers who had been effected by pregnancy loss move on to the next steps in life.  It was founded by Stephanie Crawford after her son Simeon Jelani was Stillborn on February 7th, 2011.  After attending support groups and meeting different people with different experiences, she  decided the group needed to be expanded for FAMILIES effected by INFANT and pregnancy loss.  She also decided to included the friends of these families as well, understanding that these people may need help understanding what to say and do to get their loved ones through such a tough time.  She chose to name the program Team Simeon.

    One year later she started to meet and reach out to teens and young adults that needed guidance and/or just wanted to talk about life.  It was then that she decided to add on to PCCO.  She decided to add Propa Talk a mobile youth support group that consists of monthly discussion groups, mentoring programs and other fun events. 

    PCCO Staff

    5 ?'s to Ask Yourself...

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    1. Can I benefit from PCCO? If not who do I know that can?

    2. What can PCCO help me with?

    3. When can I benefit from PCCO the most?

    4. How can PCCO help me?

    5. What question do I have for PCCO?

    Bringing taboo issues in our community to light!

    Our Mission

    Propa City Community Outreach strives to bring an awareness to our community of the taboo issues our residents are facing today.  Our goal is to remind those in hardships  that there is light at the end of the tunnel.  We make it our duty to add positivity to our members until they are able to do it for themselves.  In addition we are sharing our journey to let others know that they are not alone.  We believe that your journey is not about you, its about who you effect on the way!

    I started this company from my personal experience of pain, strength and growth.  I want to share with you and help you do the same for someone else one day.  I can't wait to work with you!  Please be in touch! 

    <3 Stephanie